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What the hell is a badidol?

badidol was born in 1981. From a young age he was encouraged to dabble with computers and new technologies and is therefore for all intents and purposes what you might call a digital native.

What does badidol do?

badidol works in Online Gaming as a Social Media/Community Manager.

Apart from that badidol is a music producer dabbling mostly in the genres Synthwave, Synthpop, Retrowave, House, Dance, EDM, Trance, Epicore, Soundtracks, Synthchestral, Hip Hop Instrumentals.

Where to listen to badidol?

badidol publishes on a variety of platforms. A choice of platforms can be found below.

BandcampBandcamp is a platform where you can support your artist directly by purchasing high quality digital downloads of their works. The revenue share of the artist is up to 84%.To Bandcamp
SpotifyProbably the most known and most used streaming platform. The revenue share of the artist is…negligible, unless you can rack up billions of streams.To Spotify
DeezerAnother somewhat popular streaming platform. Better revenue share than Spotify, but still, the artist himself doesn’t really get much of it.To Deezer
Apple Music/iTunesOn iTunes, similar to Bandcamp, the artist gets a relatively high revenue share. Apple Music is a streaming platform.To Apple/iTunes
TidalStreaming platform. Of all the streaming platforms, Tidal has the highest payout/revenue share for the artist.To Tidal
YouTube MusicYouTubes streaming platform.To YouTube
QobuzMusic platform I know literally nothing about other than that I publish there, too 🙂To Qobuz
There are a gazillion of other platforms, many of which badidol also publishes to. Just search for badidol on those, you should be able to find me.