Trying out something new

I’ve always wanted to make a track including vocals. Now, unfortunately I don’t have what one would call a pleasant singing voice. Don’t get me wrong, as a musician at heart I am perfectly capable of hitting the right tones and carrying a tune. It just sounds hella awful 🙂

It’s a good thing there’s a solution for pretty much anything on the internet. I went ahead and got myself a few sample packs from Ghosthack and played around with them. I ended up not using any of the instrument loops and samples that came along with it but using my trusty good old Nexus 4, which I am deeply in love with. I just love that plugin so much.

So, obviously I can’t upload this one to DistroKid, as I don’t technically own the vocals as such, even though I bought the sample pack. It says, they’re royalty free, but you know…better safe than sorry. You can find the result on Soundcloud instead. Not quite sure, if I’m happy with the mix. A bunch of things are…a bit dirtier than I intended and I am not sure yet, whether I am going to put that down in the “ok, but I like it that way” folder or re-do it at some point in time. For now, I hereby give you “Tell me It’s Not A Game” by badidol feat. Ayla 🙂

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