The Road So Far

It’s been a rough ride. I’ve done quite a bunch of things, release a bunch of singles and worked on a bunch of things since last I’ve kept you informed, so there’s quite a bit to catch up, I guess. Let’s get started then, shall we? 🙂

Listen to Nucleus on Spotify

On August 11th I released Nucleus. Nucleus is 16:11 minutes long and takes you on a journey through spacious soundscapes. Nucleus, like Skyforge before it and Inexplicable (more about that later) after it, is the kind of track I imagine listening to while sitting in my spaceship, cruising on at a comfortable speed towards the next inhabited planet while enjoying the view of nebulae, proton stars and so on and so forth. Those “epic journeys” are among my favourites of all my tracks and very dear to my heart. They also take the longest to produce. I can tell you right away, mixing and eq-ing a 20 minute track is some task 😉

Voices will be released at some point nearing the end of the year.

Voices” is another album which I will be releasing at some point close to the end of the year. While my next album release will be Awakening, “Voices” is special to me in more than one way. Not only is it the first time I really worked with vocal samples (from Ghosthack, if anyone’s interested), it is also the first album made following a different approach to creating music. I am still nowhere near as organised and well-structured as my fellow Synthwave artist nitefold. for example, but with “Voices” I’ve begun taking a few first steps to a more organised approach. It just makes so many things a lot easier to get rid of at least some of the creative chaos I’m used to work with.

Right around the time I finished composing the tracks for “Voices” I also did my rebranding and changing my assets to their current and probably final form. Made everything a bit more synthwave-y and I think, it fits very well. That’s why “Voices” actually has 2 different cover arts, an old one and a new one, which follows the new CI. Which one would you choose? Left or right?

Listen to the playlist “Totally Synth!” on Spotify

It’s also been a few weeks since I’ve joine a collective of several independent Synthwave/Retrowave artists who bundled up together in a support group of sorts on Instagram. Our main goal is to support each other’s promotion endeavours, lend our reach and so on and so forth. As a nice side effect I’ve gotten to listen to some awesome tracks I might’ve otherwise never known of. Give it a listen, we regularly change and swap the list’s tracks and there are some truly amazing people on it. And yours truly, of course 🙂

Inexplicable will be released in September 2022

Just like my second album “Awakening“, “Inexplicable” will be released in September 2022. “Inexplicable” is yet another spacious, epic journey through soundscapes. This one comes in at a length of over 20 minutes and sometimes I wonder, how far I’ll still take this 😉

Last, but not least:

Listen to “Mourn The Whales” on Spotify

Fresh out today: “Mourn The Whales”. The choice of title becomes very clear and understandable in the first few seconds of the track 😉

I just really liked that lead sound and knew I had to go on with it. Give it a listen, you may find yourself liking it, too 🙂

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