The pain equalizing can be

Getting your sound just right can be a pain the ass. More often than not it happens that I’d be scrapping a whole set of filters and equalizers and do it all over from scratch because at the end it just doesn’t sound right anymore.

Especially drum sounds can be harder than you’d think. Getting that snare to have just the right amount of bite, making that bass drum to serve just the right amount of oomph, all these intricacies of mixing and equalizing can take hours. The amount of time one can spend on pushing those sliders around until the hihat sounds exactly the way you want it to, is downright astonishing. And then it may still happen that once you managed to put all the other instruments and effects in place that you’re not happy with the snare sound anymore, because it just doesn’t snuggle right into the mix anymore.

While the work on my upcoming album “Infinity” is still going really great with 6 tracks done so far, I had to re-do the equalizing for 2 of those tracks from scratch once I finished them. It just didn’t sound right anymore after all parts and pieces were in place. It happens. The important part is to not let that crush you. It’s normal. Just go at it again and make it sound right again.

Here’s a preview of “Ghost in the circuit”, one of tracks of “Infinity”.

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