The final laps

I’ve finished 11 tracks for “Infinity” and I feel, I might have one more in me. 12 tracks is a good amount for an album, isn’t it?

The latest track has a certain drive to it. It’s amazing how much you can do with so little. It’s mainly the beat in combination with the pumping 8th bass line which give the track its drive. The rest just falls into place around it.

Took a bit of a break from creating tracks in the last couple of days, though. Needed one. It is, what it is. Sometimes you need a break to get the creative juices to balance themselves out and get in the right flow again. Noticed early enough after tinkering around with 3 or 4 tracks which all amounted to exactly nothing in the end. They were so bad, I didn’t even save the .flp. In such a case it’s a good idea to take a few steps back, focus on other things and get back to it a few days later.

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