Now, that I am mostly done with working on my new album “Infinity”, which will be released on 01.07.2022 (upload, available on major platforms 1-2 days later), I dabbled a bit in soundtracks again. Synthwave’s mostly happy tunes had to make space for some of the good old moody, broody and atmospheric sound my trusty old sound tester Septerra “loves” so much about me 🙂

I enjoy making these, but I have to get a lot better at them. Synthwave, EDM, House, Trance, those are easy. Mostly because they follow much stricter, structured patterns. Drums go here, bass does this, 4 on the floor, bam, done. EDM isn’t exactly difficult, looking at it that way. Scores are more challenging that way and I personally don’t feel as if I’ve mastered the challenge yet. Sure, the tunes are ok and somewhat pleasing to the ear, but…can I see myself using this as a soundtrack/score for a movie? Not sure.

Feel free to leave me a comment about those. I’ve embedded my latest 2 attempts at soundtracks/scores below.

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