Setting the mood

Music is all about telling a story, setting a mood, transporting emotions.

A good track can take you from wherever you are right now and beam you away some place else. One moment you’re here, happy and content, the next moment you’re far away, thoughtful, sad, or something completely different. Music can do that.

I find that I tend to write most of my tracks in the minor scale. Not sure, why exactly. It just happens that way. My tracks are usually somewhat broody, heavy, thick. My trusty good old “first victim” Septerra, more often than not, reacts with a hefty “Oh no, not a depri one again!” and that does seem to be the general sweet spot for my songwriting: dark, heavy, moody, broody.

It is because of that, though, that music can tell a story. And if done right, it tells it so well, that you can even see the story unfold right before you. Close your eyes, let the music take control. If it’s done right and the producer did their job well enough, you’ll embark on a journey.

My upcoming album “Infinity” aims at taking the listener on such a journey. Below you’ll find a preview of 3 more tracks that will be featured on “Infinity”.

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