Release is upon us

Those last few days before a release are always special.

Have I mixed it well? Do I have enough tracks? Is the cover art good and fitting? Did I find the right moods for the right moments? What if something goes wrong? Will anyone even like it?

Granted, the last one – more often than not – is a somewhat moot question since I am my own worst critic and almost never really think anything I produce is even good enough to be saved and rendered, let alone released and published. If my own opinion about my own tracks would be the sole indicator, none of them would have ever seen the day of light, I fear.

Anyhow…I’m done with “Infinity”. 12 tracks are finished. I’ll put some final finishing touches on them, do some mixing and equalizing but for all intents and purposes: we’re ready for a release.

The last track is “Grains of Sand” and if you pay good attention to the trailer, you’ll even get a hint at the release date of the album “Infinity” 😉

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