Onwards to new challenges

While we’re all waiting for time to do her thing and finally pass (I am so stoked for my album release, it’s not even funny anymore, the wait is killing me), I’ve been trying to kill time with other challenges.

I noticed, that my Youtube channel was in desperate need of a rebranding. It still had the old branding and since I’ve now rebranded myself as a synthwave artist and gave myself a whole CI and all that, it was about time to add that branding to my YT channel. So it looks all shiny, synthwavey now, just like all my other platform appearances.

I’ve also been quite busy creating new tracks and compilations. I released an EP called “Soundscapes”, which I’ve told you about in my previous post. It features 4 scores and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and many other platforms.

I also had quite a funny experience just today. I woke up with a bassline in mind. It was rather annoying, actually, as I couldn’t get it out of my head. So I ended up loading up the good old trusty DAW (FL Studio) and laying down a driving bassline with some oomph. Usually I have a melody in mind or at least a chord progression. I kind of never start from the bassline. So I guess I can check that one off my list, right?

I actually kind of quite like the track. It has drive, a somewhat interesting dynamic and a quite pleasant feel all in all. That bassline though…I fear, it’ll never leave me 🙂

If the preview trailer makes you want to hear more, you can! It’ll become available on the usual platforms (so pretty much all of them ^^) in a day or two.

I also entered a challenge with my fellow producer colleague Nitefold. (also please consider heading over to his profile and giving him a listen, please, he’s awesome)! It was mostly a joke, really, sort of a running gag. We keep joking around on Twitter on how impossible it is to find the perfect snare sound. At one point he said, we could just make a track without snares altogether. Either some score/soundtrack or moody, emotional ballad-like track that might not even have drums at all. Maybe something tasteful with just a bit of percussion thrown in here and there for good measure?

Long story short: we’re doing that now! Each of us will produce a track without snares. It’s going to be a soundtrack/score and the topic/theme will be…well, you can read my rather convoluted explanation here:

The “no snares!” challenge. It’s going to be epic.

I’m not sure, how this’ll end. Probably in a desaster. We’ll see 🙂

Last but not least, I can proudly say that I have 236 monthly listeners on Spotify. Yay me! It’s an interesting feeling to know that people listen to your noise and, arguably so, seem to enjoy it, even 🙂

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