New Album: Infinity

I’ve sort of mentioned it in the previous post: I am currently working on my new album. Its name will be Infinity and it’s going great so far. The decision to become a Synthwave artist of sorts was good for my process. Synthwave does seem to be something of a sweet spot for me and it does sound and feel a lot more like “my sound” now.

I’ve finished 2 tracks already. 3, if you count the one I’m probably going to discard. Always been my biggest and fiercest critic myself, still…that one doesn’t touch me in any of the good places.

The 2 tracks I am definitely going to keep are the album’s name-giving track Infinity and today’s track: Decay.

Decay has a layered bass drum. I felt like one of the layers needed a bit more oomph to it, so the trusty old Fruity parametric EQ 2 had to make an appearance.

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