Never give up on your track

Like a mantra I have to remind myself more often than I’d like to not to give up on my tracks. Especially since I am my own worst critic and hardly ever like any track of my own. Today’s track was no exception there. Worked on it for ~5 hours. 3 of which I hated every part of it. Nothing sounded right.

I spent about 30 minutes on the snare alone until it seemed to fit into the rest. The lead sound easily took 20-30 minutes of really nasty EQ-ing before I liked it and got that typical 80s smooth saw synth sound I was aiming for.

It was only in the last 1-2 hours of working on the track when I started liking it. I almost ended up not even exporting it to .mp3 and .wav. After heavy EQ-ing and tinkering I even decided to put it up on Distrokid to get it on the usual platforms. That would have never happened had I listened to my first impulse, which was to discard it altogether. Now, that I’m happy with the result, I’d be angry if I had discarded it.

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