Hitting a snag

Today I’ve spent almost all day working on different tracks. I must’ve started, easily, 4 or 5 tracks and not all of them even managed to get at least saved to be worked on later again. I already began chalking up today as an unproductive day with no work on the album actually getting done at all. Then the last attempt came and something about it made me keep it. As so very often, I am not even sure, what exactly it was. Was it the bassline? The melody? The beat? I’m not sure.

Might’ve been the lead sound I came up with, which reminded me a bit of Captain Future. Who knows.

Other than hitting that little snag today it’s still going great. After all, I’ve wanted to get between 8 and 12 tracks done for “Infinity” and with today’s track we’re at 10 tracks. No preview today, though, sorry 🙂

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