Change of pace

I’ve recently bought myself an FL Studio license. Yeah, you haven’t read that wrong 🙂

For 15+ odd years I’ve used the trial version which kind of forced me to finish a track in one run because I simply wasn’t able to save and open a project again due to working with the trial version. Things such as saving a project and work on it at a later point weren’t possible for me. Not, that I couldn’t have afforded it. To be honest, I have no idea, why it took me so long to actually buy a license. It worked somehow without having one and I wasn’t unhappy enough with my results, I guess, to make me want to actually work on them for longer or redo parts later on.

I may no longer push out a track per day in my “high peak phases”. But I would hope and assume, that by being able to come back to a track and work on it again, the quality of my releases may increase noticeably. Again, I am not unhappy with my stuff, per se, but when I am listening to other producers and compare their stuff to mine…it may only be my own uber-critical self speaking there, but theirs so often sounds so much more professional than mine.

Anyhow, now, that I actually own a license, I can say things like this:

Here’s a current work in progress, please ignore the lack of automation and the untidy structure, but this is in its early stages and a lot more work will go into it, before it will be released 🙂

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