Album Release – Infinity uploaded

I’ve uploaded my new album “Infinity” to DistroKid yesterday in order to make sure it would be available on most stores/platforms by 01.07.2022. Now, while none of the platforms have yet officially confirmed it (they do send the artist/DistroKid information about when they say a track is officially available), I’ve already found it on several platforms.

Here it is on Amazon Music, if iTunes tickles your liking more you can find it here, this is where you need to go for Deezer and here you can find “Infinity” on YouTube Music. Spotify doesn’t have it yet.

“Infinity” is, if we ignore my earlier attempts on Bandcamp, my first real album. It is also the first album I created as an album. The earlier attempts on Bandcamp were literally just me randomly bunching up old tracks into a compilation. “Infinity” was made as an album. The tracks tell a story, transport a certain feeling – or at least I hope I’ve managed to do just that.

So, as I said, I planned on getting the album live on 01.07.2022 on most platforms. Turns out, most of them put it live a day or two later, even though they say, it will take them 5-7 days. Good to know for future albums 🙂 So here we go, “Infinity” is live on some biggies already.

I’ve already begun working on my next album. I’ve found working on an album rather than push out one single release after the other much more rewarding. It’s a completely different process and feels different. It’s nice to release a single and be happy about people streaming it, however, there is a certain something to formulating an album idea or concept and then work specifically towards that concept.

I’ll take my time with the next album, though. For one thing, I’ve literally just released one 🙂 I also just recently purchased myself an FL Studio license (I’ve told you about that here) and being able to actually save and load project files again later on enables me to actually put a lot more effort in each track without having to rush through a creating session. I’ve already noticed a massive increase in overall quality with the tracks I have for the new album so far. It’s the simple things, right? Being able to just put it aside for a while, when you’ve hit a snag and return to working on that track later on is worth so much.

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